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JSF Call Center was started in September 2020. The call center has grown exponentially since its inception, with one of the primary drivers being the supportive environment we strive to create. We work very hard to make your job as simple as possible, in part by helping to distill information that can sometimes be overwhelming into something a little easier to understand. We understand the job because we have done the job, which allows us to provide an extra personal layer of support that other call centers can't quite match. We have had people who have never done this type of work before thriving in this job, as well as call center veterans who tell us that we are much more supportive and communicative than their previous call center. But don’t take our word for it! Check out the testimonials and quotes from our agents below to see for yourself!


Jonie and David Foster have been a tremendous help to me in setting up for the training for the client I chose.  There were many problems along the way, and they dropped everything to make sure that the issues were handled.  I would not have made it through the system without their help.  I can’t believe they worked so hard for me.

- Bob B.

JSF Call Center is the best decision I’ve made since I began working from home. You are truly valued and that’s something you can’t get from many centers and companies in general. Prior to JSF, my last call center was the worst experience and although I was working from home, the old call center made me miserable. It had no support, they underpaid me, made no mention of important contract details, and they just didn’t care while constantly ignoring all communication with me. I almost quit working from home all together until I found JSF Call Center. JSF gives you a whole different experience! From the start they laid everything on the table. Nothing was hidden or fine print. The honesty is what really got me and continues till this day. It’s hard to find honest people now a days. Whenever you need help or have a problem they are there to help solve it. If something isn’t right and you tell them, you can feel that they understand and genuinely help make it right the best they can with their resources. It makes you feel like you are the only priority whenever you need them and it’s truly amazing. They want you to succeed and they always help you with great advice and tips too. I’ve had many jobs and it’s not the “work at home” part that makes this the best job I ever had, it’s the JSF Call Center!

- Elizabeth S.

My husband’s career is in the restaurant industry and I was looking for a way to supplement our household income with the threat of another shutdown due to Covid. Uncertain of exactly what I wanted to do,  I knew it needed to allow me to continue to “staying home” with our three children and had to be flexible. Scrolling through Facebook I came across JSF Call Center on a mutual friend’s post. Jonie has proved to be an invaluable resource from the very start of my journey as a call center agent. She walked me through from the beginning steps of signing on and signing up to and through the process of certification; always there to answer any and all of my questions during class.  Being new to the call center “world”, I was able to lean on Jonie’s vast knowledge that she’s gained over her years of experience as a call center agent, and I continue to do so.  Although we did not encounter another shutdown, I’ve been able to save a considerable amount of money for other goals and family vacations. Additionally, with the continuing unpredictability of Covid, as well as life circumstances, we have an added “cushion.”  You can never go wrong with learning a new skill. I’m so thankful I took that first step of reaching out and grateful for Jonie’s support along the way. 

- Crissy W.

I decided to take charge of my life when everything around me seemed to be falling apart. I decided to work from home, and after many applications sent out to many companies, JSF Call Center responded with an email to join the meeting. I decided that day to do it because at least I knew that it was a real person. The meeting was different, as I had never done a Zoom meeting before and did not know what to expect. I left the meeting wanting to start a new journey in my life. I have been loving my job since I started class. The first time I took a call they were the first ones I called for help. They were up, ready to help. I have called them on different occasions and they answered my call even if it was to tell me they may need to call me back.  Any questions I have had they have answered it. I was ready to throw in the towel and they would not let me. I thank them for giving me a chance to prove to myself that, no matter the challenge, if you stick with it you will overcome it. 

- Kanona L.

I have been working for JSF Call Center for almost a year and couldn't ask for a better support team! Jonie and David have always been there any time that I need them. They are very professional and always paid on pay day! I love you guys and thank you so much for introducing me to this opportunity, and how I can work around my busy schedule from home!

- Ashley L.

My experience with jsf callcenter has been smooth sailing. Just working from home is so convenient for me because my kids play sports and I can make my own schedule around them. I can truly say anytime I need help or advice Jonie and David are always there. 



-Jackie B.

Thank you again, JSF for being such an amazingly supportive team. I will always toot a horn for you!

- Kathy M.

JSF Call Center is wonderful! The support is amazing and Jonie is always available for support/questions. I love working from home and making my own schedule. I am still here for my family while bringing in a paycheck. I am always paid on time. If you have never worked from home, JSF Call Center will make the transition an easy one. You will feel like you are part of a team. I am glad I found JSF Call Center.

-Jennifer R.


I am SO thankful for JSF Call Center! During a time of uncertainty, the opportunities provided here have been so refreshing! Jonie and David work hard to provide the utmost care and support to each agent, and I am so thankful for them!


- Brittany R.

Finding JSF Call Center was an answered prayer. Health issues left me unable to drive pretty often. This led to being unable to be consistent and dependable at my job. It was so difficult emotionally too. I was so excited when I stumbled across the call center. Jonie and David are amazing at what they do. They have helped guide me through every step of my new adventure. They made the transition so easy, they answered all my many questions and helped with troubleshooting tech too. It is a complete pleasure partnering with them. I have gained a new career, new friends and a new confidence moving forward. I highly recommend JSF Call Center!

- Nicole K.

I started working for JSF Call Center a few months ago. During this time, JSF has been an amazing company to work for. The leadership is professionally outstanding and very empathetic in personal support. They put family first and are quick to stand behind their employees. It has been a privilege to work for them and even more so as it allows me to work according to my family’s schedules and personal life. Having a job I can work from home, creating my own work schedule has given me the opportunity to be more involved with my kids and supportive of my husband's swing shift job as well. I absolutely love my job and what I do, helping people every day, and I actually look forward to work now. It’s both a blessing and my pleasure working for JSF!!

- Alyssa H.

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