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About Jonie


I work closely with my husband, David, and you will likely find yourself speaking to either of us, as we are both very active in the business. As mentioned in the About section, we are rapidly growing, and always looking for new agents ready to leave behind the brick-and-mortar world of jobs, and do something from your own home!



We look forward to seeing you in a future onboarding meeting, and are always here to discuss things if you would like. Allow me to be the first to welcome you to the team, and I look forward to helping you make your quality of life much better, and do things that you never thought possible!



- Jonie


Hi! My name is Jonie and I started JSF Call Center, LLC in September 2020. I was a call center agent for a different call center for almost 2 years. I started this business, in part, because there were certain aspects of the call center I was part of that I felt could be improved. I left that call center and started JSF Call Center, LLC, and have been working my butt off ever since! I strive to be extremely supportive, and am constantly working to improve our resources here to ensure the highest level of support you’ll see in a call center!

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